Zombie Army 4: Dead War – PS4, PC, XBOX ONE



Rebellion has been focused almost exclusively on different variants of it´s Sniper Elite saga for a few years. Equally popular seems to be Zombie Army, originally born as a spin-off of that one and which today concerns us. We will tell you what this new delivery offers.
Story and Gameplay:
It´s a third-person shooter that follows in the wake of many other titles developed by Rebellion. It´s proposal is not too complex to understand: we embody up to four snipers who have to end hordes of Nazi zombies before they kill us. With a story as surreal as you can imagine, we embark on an adventure along eight extensive missions in which we cannot leave an undead alive. They are very traditional action titles, with a certain focus on sniper weapons in which, in addition to shooting, we will find secrets and improvements scattered around the environment, small submissions such as transporting objects or defending certain areas, and battles against bosses or enemies more strong than normal It is a title that knows how to measure its rhythm very well, offering us with certain regularity different types of challenges. For example, in the second mission we will spend a large part of it on a boat touring the canals of Venice, which will put us in completely different situations to those we live when we go on foot. The design of scenarios and missions is also quite intelligent, and will force us to work as a team to succeed. These details are very important considering that their mechanics are not particularly varied.
Apart from the campaign, we have the Horde mode, which, as you can imagine, confronts us with hordes of enemies of ascending difficulty. There is not much to tell about this mode, beyond that it´s an ideal addition to take a break from the campaign or to continue playing once the story is completed. To all modes we have to add the additional layer of customization. We have a system of levels and unlocks that allow us to achieve improvements for both weapons and advantages and skills for our characters, thus being able to define different roles within the team. Of course, there is no shortage of dancing, gestures and other ways of expressing oneself already typical of almost any multiplayer game through the internet. It´s a fairly complete game, with a campaign that can easily leave at 12 noon, and which, judging by the menus and content already announced, will continue to expand with paid content for those who are left wanting more. And we would not be surprised if there are players who are left wanting more; We had a great time. Playing with a team of four we have had some good games, full of action and fun. Playing alone is quite enjoyable, but like most games focused on the cooperative, it shines particularly with a complete team.
Graphics and Sound:
Rebellion games are not titles of an excessive budget, but still manage to look pretty good. It´s, in general, a good use of artistic design, which manages to create attractive scenarios even reusing many assets. It´s a gray and dark game and, for that reason, it manages to make a remarkable use of the HDR, giving a lot of force to the explosions and contrast to the not few areas where the light does not abound. It has no options to adjust this technology, and we wonder if it will take the configuration at the system level, since, at least in our case, it seemed to be well configured. It also has some interesting details, such as the number of enemies that can come together on the screen, or the always satisfactory killcam with which we can see (and our partners too) our best deaths. The sound for other part fulfills it´s role, with a wide range of shots and guttural sounds that give life to our weapons and enemies.
This game is one of those titles without major pretensions that make you have a great time with friends hitting all that moves. Thanks to a very well measured gameplay, polished throughout countless previous deliveries, it´s a very satisfying experience, especially when we take advantage of it´s mechanics based on sniper weapons. It has a fairly reasonable duration and Horde mode is virtually infinite. There is no revolution or novelty that marks a before and after in the saga, but if you can play with a group of four friends and make a clean shot against every Nazi that moves, we think you are going to have a great time.


My Score is 8.0


Super Crush KO – PC, SWITCH

We find a humble production at all levels but that hides a quite absorbent gameplay within its limitations, a game that we have tested in its version intended for Switch (through the eShop digital store), but which is also available in PC format by Steam.
Story and Gameplay:
A title that does not go through the branches and that goes straight to the point, showing a rather nice story but, of course, will not be remembered precisely because of it´s originality or it´s convoluted argument. In a fictional future, alien robots endowed with artificial intelligence invade our planet. But worst of all is that his ringleader, a sinister girl, enters the house of the protagonist, Karen, by force to steal her beloved pet: the adorable cat Chubbz. An absurd excuse to stimulate us and get down to work to recover our kitten, a narrative that as we move forward takes shape through various static scenes in a comic plan.
From here begins an adventure that enjoys a 2D development and quite attractive gameplay. Our task is very simple: we have to liquidate how many robots come our way. And for this it´s necessary to use the fists, something that of course is really good for Karen. Although the platforms also have their prominence, the action is the fundamental ingredient that is part of this game, so at each level it´s necessary to face a good number of combats. The amount of attacks and different movements that the protagonist is capable of doing is not bad, actions that are carried out very fluidly. In this way Karen can punch, perform a double jump, use his plasma gun to shoot rivals that are further away from it, perform defensive dash-type maneuvers to dodge the blows of opponents (and certain traps that are found in the funds) and various special attacks that we can materialize as we collect certain foods such as popcorn, pizza slices, etc. Adding all these movements results in a very complete set of actions for the protagonist who, in addition, has been very well integrated into the control system.
With these possibilities and the wide range of movements at our disposal, the title encourages us to dispatch our adversaries in the most spectacular ways possible. Shortly after we practice a little and have ease in mastering the control system, we can make tremendously striking combos of S rank, this activity being precisely the aspect that brings more life and sparkle to the gameplay. In a way and for you to get an idea, we are facing a kind of hack’n slash that reminds somewhat of the fighting lived in classics of the genre, although in this case the gameplay is 2D and its layout is much more basic and casual.
Graphics and Sound:
In graphic matter it is a very humble production but it has been well treated by its creators, especially in everything related to its protagonist. The animations that have been designed for Karen are as varied as soft and striking, being a real pleasure to see her in action while getting rid of the dozens of enemy robots that besiege her in each of the levels. The special attacks bring more attention to the matter, while the pastel tones that predominate in the funds combine well with the general aesthetic proposal that captures the adventure. A remarkable technical section to which some very worked sound effects and a collection of well-composed retro-style melodies are joined. We should do a special mention to the sound, too. Combat mixes the satisfying thud of landing punches with the rat-a-tat-tat of a blaster to create almost a second soundtrack over the shimmering synths that sit low in the mix. If you’re playing on the go, try this game with headphones.
Under a sweet and friendly appearance and a story of everything but serious and absorbing, a game of marked hack’n slash air of 2D gameplay is hidden, that will surely make fans of works like Bayonetta want to play it. Incredible combos and spectacular attacks are the main elements that are part of the gameplay, a fairly invariable style of play that provides us with very good times shortly when we are good at chaining strokes. Of course, do not look for the longest title in the world because it´s duration is quite limited, especially if we do not want to replay their levels once the adventure is over.

My Score is 7.5


After a notable drought in terms of tennis games, in 2018 we received two new simulators and even a new arcade from Mario. Big Ant Studios has not lost a minute and opens 2020 with a new installment of it´s AO Tennis, just in time for the Australian Open, competition that gives the game title.
Story and Gameplay:
This game keeps practically intact its playable base: aim at where we want to throw the ball and hold the corresponding button for the appropriate time to ensure the strength and accuracy of the shot. It is not very different from other tennis titles, but its staging is, at least slightly. On the one hand, we have a pointer that tells us where we are pointing, while an indicator on our head indicates the strength and precision with which we are going to hit, having to load the blow so that it goes from red to green and, If we pass, turn red. We believe that the execution is very good, since it manages to offer a constant balance between risk and reward, both when aiming and hitting. If you prefer to play without an indicator, you just have to deactivate it in options. Besides, there are more adjustments to adapt the gameplay to our liking.
Other factors come into play such as fatigue, which in this installment has seemed more relevant than ever. It has been possible to defeat some statistically better rivals than us by making them dizzy and running them down the track, although it´s not an infallible strategy. It´s undoubtedly a strategic component. We can ask for medical attention through the pause menu, something that serves to recover our resistance. It is important to dose it, since getting fresh to the last set can be the difference between victory and defeat; in fact, if we force ourselves too much, any play can end in an injury. As you can see, they are small details that give more depth to the gameplay.
In general, we find a more polished title, with small tweaks to improve animations and transitions, which in turn gives us the feeling of offering a better response … most of the time. Unfortunately, we continue to encounter problems inherited from the previous delivery, but it shows that the team is aware of this and works to improve it. The physics of the ball on the different surfaces is somewhat more worked, although the reaction of the players near the net not so much. We rarely see an interesting point when uploading to the network, since the characters do not respond well enough here. The player’s statistics don’t matter; in the network they have a hard time responding fluently. At least, we have noticed a better response in the rest of the track, which is the first step.
We have a remarkable amount of game modes: Australian Open, Race, Online, Play now, Scenarios, Tutorials and Competition. We are going to focus on the ones we consider most interesting, since some are quite obvious and simply serve us to create games to our liking, and others quite explicit (Australian Open). On the one hand, we have the Scenarios mode, in which we can create a series of challenges to overcome under certain conditions, such as winning a match by getting a certain number of direct serves. Tutorials, in addition to the obvious, has a series of mini-games that, without being anything from the other world, offer a more enjoyable way to train, and Online, somewhat limited but that, based on what we have been able to prove, it seems that It works well.
The most important is probably the Career mode. The idea is to take a tennis player from the top, either by creating it with the editor or by choosing one of the professionals included. In general, it is very similar to what was seen in the game of 2018, managing our time to sign up for tournaments, train and level up, but now we also have sequences in which we talk to our manager or give press conferences, even choosing answers that will affect how the media, our followers and even potential sponsors perceive us. This additional layer gives the experience much greater dynamism, and it seems to us a complete success, even if the limitations of technology and budget are obvious. Regarding content, this game is as scarce as it´s predecessor, but the community is ready to solve it. All the contents created for the first part (tennis players, tracks, logos …) are available for this second, so if you want a professional or a stadium not officially included, you just have to get into the Academy and download it . Although there are better and worse results, in general the creations are at a very good level … some, better than the official ones. And, technically, the game continues to weaken a bit. We understand that it is a small study with limited resources, but things like very long loading times are hard to justify.
Graphics and Sound:
Graphically it doesn’t look very good . Everything’s fine from a distance but the close-ups are constantly jarring to look at; sometimes your player’s skin looks so rough you’d believe it if they told you they’d dunked their arm in a vat of boiling water before leaving the locker room. Other times there are weird strobe effects that appear to be some sort of lighting bug. Meanwhile, the crowd is laughably low-res; again, this isn’t a problem during actual rallies but given that your player is often seen sitting on a seat in front of the fans, you regularly get a chance to see their terrifyingly serrated saw-like arms up close. Speaking of the sound, the voices of the tennis players when striving to hit the tennis ball is well achieved, the same as the voices of the public, although sometimes they bugge and continue to be heard after each movement…
This game still has a lot to improve, but we believe that this second part is a step forward in virtually every way. Perhaps we would have liked to see more improvements within the field, but in the end it all adds up to make the experience more satisfying. An improved Career mode, better animations and response from tennis players on the track and the huge amount of content inherited from its predecessor make it a better title without a doubt, even if there is still room for improvement in physics or reaction of the characters on the net. If you enjoyed the previous one, you will enjoy this new one.


My Score is 7.0

Monkey King: Hero Is Back – PS4, PC

In 2015, the story was adapted to computer animation with Monkey King: Hero Is Back, and as expected, the Chinese public made it a success. A few years later Sony announced that Oasis Games and developer Hexa Drive were preparing a video game based on this movie (which THQ Nordic brings to the West) on both PlayStation 4 and PC.
Story and Gameplay:
This game follows the steps of the film, although it extends certain adventures for reasons of giving more playability. The starting point tells us about Sun Wukong, the powerful Monkey King who dared to challenge the gods. However, this rebellion did not make much of Buddha, who had no trouble confining Sun in an icy cave lost in the mountains. Now, 500 years later, a young monk who flees to a safe place with a baby will accidentally release Sun. This does not mean that the Monkey King is free from punishment, as he still has a chain on his arm that limits his magic. As much as you try to take off this seal there is only one way to regain power: do good. The mission is presented to him, as strange monsters are kidnapping children, so there is no better excuse to start delivering blows of kung fu and for a good cause.
The film and therefore the game are intended for a young audience. It´s a rather classic action adventure that in a way reminds those AA productions of the 128 bits that were far from being round and did not aspire to be the new “game of the year”, but could entertain in an afternoon with nothing better what to do. In this game we have two basic attacks at our disposal, a weak and fast attack, and another strong one that takes a little longer to execute. With both, simple combos are performed, and against most normal enemies it will not be necessary to evade attacks. In fact, one of the mechanics of the game are counterattacks, which appear when we hit the enemy who is about to discharge his anger, which activates a sequence where we must crush buttons, culminating in a comical animation as a final auction.
This strategy needs to be a little more elaborate against bosses, capable of inflicting greater damage and even liquidating us with few hits. Combining jumps and the use of certain improvised weapons, such as decorative objects, we will expand our arsenal. Then of course we have a system of magic that is unlocked and enhanced, oriented to combat or the simple search for natural resources on stage. It´s a linear development game, although the maps are a bit open and allow you to explore villages, bifurcations on the roads and investigate rooftops or certain elevated surfaces. In forests, for example, we will find locked doors that require keys, and to get them you have to look for some deputy chief of the area that keeps a chest with the key object. All very old fashioned and with no intention of reinventing anything.
What we have not liked so much and that we consider a bit serious is a not very precise control, perhaps with a bit of lag, which makes the action less comfortable than we would like. It doesn’t feel as good as it should when hitting, jumping or moving. There are many other games with this heavy control but that saga is much more varied and combat is just one of its pillars; Monkey King is its basic gameplay, so it ends up becoming a problem present at all times and that will cause us more than one unnecessary death. It is a pity that subtracts points to the global, but it is not a minor detail.
Graphics and Sound:
In the audiovisual aspects it´s above other similar budget licenses. The music is traditional Chinese style. Visually, he is also very careful, even cartoon-style animations enhance strokes with deformations and comic planes. Moving is a delight to the eyes, with a vibrant color that mimics the film. In this sense we can not ask for more unless the world was less divided into sections with intermediate loads, as they usually appear not only in the middle of the map, but also every time we enter inside a house.
We find a beat’em up with uncomplicated playability, a striking aesthetic and an entertaining story. Those who don’t demand too much will find it fun, and those fans of the movie will be delighted. Highly recommended for young people.


My Score is 7.0


Life is Strange 2 – PS4, PC, XBOX ONE

Dontnod Entertainment presents a completely original story with new main characters (in relation to the first); the Diaz brothers have been the couple that has carried that responsibility. A weight that they have managed to carry with ups and downs until they make their own mark in this game.
Story and Gameplay:
The story of this game began to be told with The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, a kind of extra episode that serves as a prequel although it tells the story of a different character and that came out in June 2018. We believe that the game is better as compact experience, playing all episodes continuously and not interruptedly. Especially because there are some looser whose defects will be hidden in the global computation. In this season one of the main claims of the first Life is Strange has been set aside: the ability to rewind time in a game that is based on decisions and their consequences. It was the main mechanic and a refreshing novelty in the genre that was absent this time. But that does not mean that its emotional story does not have its supernatural touch. Daniel, the little one of the two brothers, has the gift of telekinesis.
We control his older brother, Sean. It´s in our hand to educate him correctly so that we use his power responsibly. Or on the contrary, let him know that the important thing is that they face a world that seems to be against him. A bitter event forces both of them to flee from their home in Seattle and their condition as descendants of Mexicans puts them many times under the magnifying glass on their trip through the United States back to the land of their father, Puerto Lobos. Even being a graphic adventure, which does not require too much variety in this aspect, the mechanics have seemed scarce and not very heterogeneous during most episodes, except for honorable exceptions. Being an episodic game the feedback of the players came before finishing it and could include improvements in that direction but perhaps already too late and the global team is weighed down by that lack of ambition. It´s the last episode that has benefited in that regard including some puzzles that we have missed during the rest of the title.
Most of the time we go through not too large stages interacting with objects and listening to Sean’s reflections on them. We can even take a look at our backpacks to see memories and collectibles of our trip or read our newspaper where we will learn more about the story and the environment. It shows that it has put a lot of love in these details. Although the story has a dramatic general line, with very hard and shocking moments, there is time for some humor. With some jokes and references to other video games, mostly by Daniel, the little brother. It is those little details that put you most in the story, which is the primary part. The game tries to thrill with its characters and their experiences but for this it is necessary to make the player connect with them. And there, even with the good work behind it, enters the personal terrain of each.

The game has several different endings (seven in total although some are small variations) that we have found very powerful, that round the story, and give more weight to the experience. Precisely the choice of integrating the narrative in a trip, visiting different scenarios and knowing different characters in each episode, has had a result of contrasts. On the one hand, some of the secondary ones we have known have seemed very interesting. But limiting its history to a single episode has left us wanting to know more. In several of them we felt that there was something else to tell. We liked the contrast between those who want to help and become our friends and those who have put all kinds of obstacles. Many serve as a mirror to get to know Sean and Daniel more. In the end, after the months in which the game takes place, we feel that we have lived experiences so diverse and met people so varied that we see a maturity in the protagonists thanks to them.
Graphics and Sound:
On a technical level the game is visually very attractive trying to impress with each landscape, with an address that achieves some very emotional scenes that manage to put the hair on end. It´s more artistic than bright and, in short, very precious. In fact, the game allows you to take advantage of Sean’s “gift” and get to draw in his notebook the scenario in which we find ourselves. Or simply sit and watch it. Highlights also expressive faces, something necessary to empathize with the characters. Equally good is it´s sound section. To begin with, by music, both the original and the licensed songs, which have lifted us from the chair on more than one occasion and that have entered our playlist. And also for the great role of the actors behind the voices of the characters.
The Life is Strange saga has earned it´s reputation. When you play this second installment you know that you are going to a title that tries to take out the sensitive side. In that, the title meets expectations. Not so much at the playable level, something that we consider correct if there are future deliveries. Despite this, the struggle to survive the Diaz brothers is a story told with much daring, which deserves to be played.

My Score is 7.5

Wreckfest – PS4, XBOX ONE , PC

After it´s successful launch on PC and after it´s version in early access, the destruction and chaos of the races and derbys of this game reach consoles.
Story and Gameplay:
We found a driving game focused on chaos and destruction. The base inevitably reminds FlatOut and the classic Destruction Derby. To this we must add a touch of madness, with special tests that break the monotony of traditional vehicles and that, in our opinion, suits the experience. Thus, we have a title that offers several game modes, none particularly surprising: career, free mode and multiplayer. The race faces a remarkable amount of tests with a main challenge (winning) and a secondary one (which can be winning with a certain advantage, causing some damage or causing our rivals to lose control of their car, for example).
This game combines very well the different types of tests. In general, we will find evidence of a game really similar to Destruction Derby, in which we have to destroy a series of rivals; traditional careers in which you have to arrive first; and destruction races, with tracks designed to cause accidents, with crossings in which it´s inevitable to find crashes. These tests also have slightly crazier alternatives. For example, we can find traditional races with motorized sofas. You can get an idea of what awaits us in career mode. Of course, we will have to unlock or buy new cars, improve the ones we have and adapt them to the different challenges. Obviously, depending on the difficulty we choose, it will be a more or less demanding title, but the difference is remarkable. Simply changing the suspension before the race can be the key between a loose victory or an inevitable defeat.
Those who want a challenge, a driving or a more realistic response from cars, will have options for it. This is a very aggressive title, in which vehicles are constantly damaged, and even then we have an option to activate realistic damage. It´s something that changes the experience completely, and although we are more attracted to it´s more arcade aspect, we like it to have alternatives.
Graphics and Sound:
At first, this game may not surprise much in technical terms, but when we start playing we see the enormous work behind in regards to physical and vehicle damage. It is impressive to see how well cars respond to impacts, how they deform and how these damages affect driving. It cannot be compared to traditional racing games, but it´s a benchmark in its own. In addition, there are a number of vehicles, each with its own characteristics that we can modify. A compact car does not drive like a motorized sofa. A three-wheeled van has nothing to do with how a lawnmower is driven. And, each surface, of course, offers different sensations. It´s a very careful title in this aspect. In a more visual aspect, It´s not stunning. It has it´s moments, and in the tests of destruction derby it´s striking to see shattered cars, on fire, with the ground full of pieces of sheet metal while dodging our rivals. We miss, perhaps, more colorful lighting or weather effects, but it does it´s job.
In sound, we have a lot of sound effects, which have a great weight in a driving game. We also have a soundtrack that combines dubstep for menus and alternative metal for racing. They are small groups, not very well known, and that is why we are particularly surprised that there is no sign with the name of the band and the song every time a song starts to play, something that would help them to make them known maybe.
We really like games like this, which offer uncomplicated driving and lots of fun. In fact, the developers of this game offer driving with as many complications as we want, so it´s an ideal title both for those who want an arcade title and for those who prefer something a little more demanding and realistic. One way or another, Wreckfest seems very fun and entertaining, and is emerging as a great option for those who enjoy this style of games.  Racing, destruction and good physics. Wreckfest is casual, but also challenging and perfect to give a little variety to the driving genre inspired by classic formulas such as Destruction Derby or FlatOut, but adding their own personality and a good progression system.


My Score is 8.5

Date a Live: Rio Reincarnation – PS4, PC

We find this title, a pack that offers us three games: Rinne Utopia, Arusu Install and Rio Reincarnation, the latter giving the group its name. The first two already came out previously for PlayStation 3, but they did not cross the borders of the Japanese country, but now they finally arrive and do not do it alone, but also bring us a third story that was only available on PlayStation Vita.
Story and Gameplay:
The first of the three games begins with a recap of everything that happened  in the previous story as long as we are well placed contextually when playing this. In the recap we are told about the existence of the spirits, their powers and how to seal them, the latter being what gives life to the plot: the only person capable of sealing the powers of the spirits is Shido Itsuka, our protagonist, and to do this he must go out with them and make them fall in love with him. We will find that the story could be divided into two parts, on the one hand the whole section of dating with the different girls, and on the other is the main plot starring Rinne Sonogami, a girl who appears suddenly saying she is a childhood friend of Shido. Several surprises will await us as we move forward in this plot, to which we recommend paying special attention and reaching the true end in order to understand Rio Reincarnation well.
In the second installment, for which we will not need to have played the previous one, Ratatoskr (the spirit organization led by Kotori, Shido’s sister) creates a virtual reality dating simulator for Shido to practice in order to fall in love with the rest of spirits, but to everyone’s surprise, in that world there appears a girl who shouldn’t exist: Maria Arusu, she asks Shido what the true meaning of love is, since she doesn’t know it and is curious about it. The problem comes when Shido is trapped in the virtual world and loses all communication from outside, so finally all the girls decide to also enter there with the intention of finding out what has caused this and bring it back, thus getting all trapped. In any case, little will really affect the main story and its objective, since they will act as if it were the normal world and will dedicate themselves to dating and flirting with each other, although it will really be a matter of Arusu, who provokes these situations with the purpose to get to understand what love is.
Finally we run into the third and final story offered by the pack. This acts as a sequel to both at the same time, and although I said before that in Rinne Utopia for example it would be very necessary to get the true end to understand Rio Reincarnation, this was a half truth, since with the option ‘Digest’, they tell you everything that happened in the other two games from beginning to end and going through the true end of each one of them, so if you do not feel too much like putting them out or you just like the one you have achieved, it will not be necessary that you do it since they will teach it to you explaining everything in addition to a very complete way.


Entering the plot of Rio Reincarnation, what is presented here is Rio, a small girl who appears from Eden and calls Shido Dad. Not only that, but also arrives saying looking for “the most important”, although no one, not even her, will know what it is. In addition, Shido will have several unfinished memories and the strange constant feeling that there is someone missing, which in one way or another will end up causing the return of many characters already known from previous deliveries and that secrets are revealed and the secrets are explained. Reasons why the world we live in is as it is. If you liked the previous two, get ready, because Rio Reincarnation is willing to create a thrill of emotions, almost like on a roller coaster, although pulling much more towards those that make you cry. Regarding the gameplay, it will focus solely on making decisions about what to say or about what girl to do some activity with, or visiting places and events.
Sound and Graphics:
Graphically we consider that they have done a very good job. Each of the girls offers us the most original design, making an attractive view. The´wallpapers´are also well made, they do not neglect them, but they give them a more minimalist and simple touch so that although they play a totally secondary role it does not seem that they are about to be and that they have been made to reluctantly. Auditively it´s nothing of the other world, but it fits perfectly with each of the situations that are shown on the screen. The pieces are mostly quiet and without too many shocks, removing the odd ones which changes radically to bring the tension to the possible limit accompanying the plot.
It´s a visual novel somewhat short, especially if we consider the existence of others, although this is compensated a little by the three different stories, which extends the total experience. In addition, the three installments tell us great stories that will make us “fall in love” with the different girls and enjoy this as if it were a true love story, which added to the visual beauty they offer us and a good soundtrack, leaves us with a pack that is worth buying if you like visual novels or if you are fan of Date A Live.

My Score is 8.0